The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society

About Us:

Showstoppers is the University of Southampton Students’ Union’s musical theatre society. We do everything from directing, musical directing, producing, acting, singing, dancing, and playing in the band. We welcome people of any experience level, and put on the best shows that we can. We also hold regular free workshops in all aspects of musical theatre, watch loads of shows, and aim to take at least one show up to the Edinburgh Fringe each year.

This Year's Shows:

Summer Show 2020


22nd Apr - 25th Apr

Tickets currently not on sale.

Spring Show 2020

Be More Chill

4th Mar - 7th Mar

Tickets now on sale!

Small Show 2020

I Love You Because

5th Feb - 8th Feb

Tickets currently not on sale.

Freshers Show 2019

Made In Dagenham

4th Dec - 7th Dec

Tickets currently not on sale.

Edinburgh Show 2019

Songs for a New World

12th Aug - 24th Aug

Tickets currently not on sale.

24 Hour Show 2019

24 Hour Show 2019

8th Jun - 9th Jun

Tickets currently not on sale.

Independent Show 2019

O.A.P and Me

16th May - 18th May

Tickets currently not on sale.

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