The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society

Society Sheet Music

This is a record of all sheet music owned by Showstoppers. It will all be available to you at auditions, and if you want to borrow any then click here to get in touch with the development team!

A Change In Me Beauty & The Beast A3-F5 Soprano
Tell Me It's Not True Blood Brothers F3-G5 Soprano
You'll Never Walk Alone Carousel C4-G5 Soprano
Memory Cats Bb3-Eb5 Soprano
Broadway Baby Follies D4-Ab5 Soprano
Once Upon a Dream Jekyll & Hyde B3-C#5 Soprano
Take Me As I Am Jekyll & Hyde Bb3-F#5 Soprano
Everything's Alright Jesus Christ Superstar G#3-B5 Soprano
Castle On A Cloud Les Miserables A3-C5 Soprano
Anything Can Happen Mary Poppins B3-C#5 Soprano
Practically Perfect Mary Poppins A3-G5 Soprano
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mary Poppins C4-G5 Soprano
I Could Have Danced All Night My Fair Lady B3-F5 Soprano
Think of Me Phantom of the Opera C#4-Bb5 Soprano
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again Phantom of the Opera Ab3-G5 Soprano
Beyond My Wildest Dreams The Little Mermaid A3-B5 Soprano
Somewhere West Side Story G3-D5 Soprano
I Couldn't Be Happier Wicked Bb3-Eb5 Soprano
No One Mourns the Wicked Wicked A3-G#5 Soprano

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