The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society

Society Sheet Music

This is a record of all sheet music owned by Showstoppers. It will all be available to you at auditions, and if you want to borrow any then click here to get in touch with the development team!

Love Changes Everything Aspects Of Love D3-Bb4 Tenor
Schadenfreude Avenue Q D3-Bb4 Tenor
Electricity Billy Elliot D3-A4 Tenor
Easy Terms Blood Brothers G3-A4 Tenor
It Takes Two Hairspray E3-A4 Tenor
Run and Tell That Hairspray G3-Bb4 Tenor
The Nicest Kids in Town Hairspray D3-A#4 Tenor
Heaven on Their Minds Jesus Christ Superstar D3-C5 Tenor
Bui-Doi Miss Saigon Ab3-Bb4 Tenor
I'm Alive Next to Normal G3-G4 (D5 Falsetto) Tenor
Perfect for You Next to Normal A2-A4 Tenor
There's a World Next to Normal G3-G4 Tenor
You Don't Know Next to Normal A3-B4 Tenor
Baggy Trousers Our House F4-E5 Tenor
Old Red Hills of Home Parade D2-A4 Tenor
Music of The Night Phantom of the Opera Ab2-Ab4 Tenor
One Song Glory Rent Db3-Ab4 Tenor
What You Own Rent D3-A4 Tenor
Don't Do Sadness Spring Awakening C#3-A4 Tenor
Different Tarzan F3-G4 Tenor
Two Worlds Tarzan Eb3-A4 Tenor
Positoovity The Little Mermaid C3-A4 Tenor
Thirty/Ninety Tick Tick Boom E3-A4 Tenor
I Want to Break Free We Will Rock You F#3-B4 Tenor
Who Wants To Live Forever We Will Rock You D3-Bb4 Tenor
Who Wants To Live Forever? We Will Rock You D3-C5 Tenor
Somewhere West Side Story G2-D4 Tenor
Dancing Through Life Wicked D3-G4 Tenor
No One Mourns the Wicked Wicked A2-G#4 Tenor

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