The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society


Written by Stephen Sondheim, based on a book by George Furth

Showing from 03 Feb 16 to 06 Feb 16 in The Annex Theatre

Production Team

Lydia Edge Director
Andy Banks Assistant Director
Jessica Hector Producer
Georgia Meredith Producer
Catriona Rawlins Assistant Producer
Andy Banks Musical Director
Joe Barr Musical Director
Ruthie Pinion Choreographer
Charlie House Graphic Designer
Patrick Edwards Technical Director
Catherine Hyde Technical Director



Laurence Astill Reed 3
Andy Banks Keys 1
Joe Barr Conductor
Hannah Brierley Reed 2
Will Heaton Trombone
Megan Hilling Keys 2
Ed Holland Bass
Freya Malcher Reed 1
Joci Olexa Cello
Jon Pilgrim Drums / Percussion
Kath Roberts Violin 1
Daisy Stephens Violin 2
Patrick Wakelam Trumpet
Amy Wardle Viola

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