The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society

Into the Woods

Written by Stephen Sondheim

Showing from 22 Apr 15 to 25 Apr 15 in The Annex Theatre

Production Team

Josh Cox Director
Ruthie Pinion Director
Danny Mcnamee Assistant Director
Phoebe Judd Assistant Director
Trini Philip Producer
Kimberly Pearson Producer
Kenni Alli Assistant Producer
Honor Saunders Assistant Producer
Peter Bridgwood Assistant Producer
Charlie Taylor Musical Director
Gem Tunley Musical Director
Joe Barr Assistant Musical Director
Becky Griffin Supervising MD
Chris Ball Supervising MD
David Aggus Technical Director
Catherine Hyde Technical Director


Andy Banks Rapunzel's Prince
Cerys Beesley Jack's Mother
Peter Bridgwood Mysterious Man
Emma Bryant Cinderella
Patrick Cahill The Baker
Hannah Cann Lucinda
Lydia Edge The Witch
Ellie Fowler Little Red Riding Hood
Robyn Fryer The Baker's Wife
Ieuan Harrild Jack
Jessica Hector Cinderella's Stepmother
Jamie Hemingway The Steward
Robin Johnson Cinderella's Prince
Jamie Martin The Narrator
Jeremy McCabe The Wolf
Josh Mcdonald Cinderella's Father
Fiona McDowell Cinderella's Mother
Katie Passey Rapunzel
Dan Wills Florinda


Chris Ball Keys
Joe Barr Synth
Fiona Butterworth Reed III
Becky Carey Reed III
Adam Castle Reed II
Joanne Cornish Reed III
Becky Griffin Reed I
Will Heaton Horn
Manikka Marchant Cello
Doug Morgan Viola
Kath Roberts Violin I
George Storry Percussion
Gem Tunley Conductor
Patrick Wakelam Trumpet
Amy Wardle Violin II

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