The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society


Written by Steve Margoshes and Jacques Levy

Showing from 06 Dec 17 to 09 Dec 17 in The Annex

Production Team

Victoria Howard-Andrews Director
Hope Shaw Assistant Director
Phoebe Armstrong Producer
Joe Lynch Producer
Flo Gault Assistant Producer
Ben McQuigg Musical Director
Imogen McEwan Assistant Musical Director
Annabelle Williams Choreographer
Amelia Nolan Choreographer
Ben McQuigg Graphic Designer
Will Barber Technical Director
Martha Fooks Technical Director


James Adams Nick
Chrystine Ashiagbor Miss Sherman
Kirsty Batson Ensemble
Izzy Black Serena
Zoe Blackall Iris
Joe Chamberlain Joe
Verity Chan Ensemble
Sophie Harvey Ms. Bell
Christina Olgaard Carmen
Elizabeth Pereira Ensemble
Gaby Puleston-Vaudrey Ensemble
Tiggy Robertson Mabel
George Seabrook Mr Meyers
Alex Shapp Goody
Jamie Smith Mr Sheinkopf
Alex Soden Schlomo
Amy Springett Grace (Lamb Chops)
Mia Vu Ensemble
Alex Wareham Jack
Mark Warnants Ensemble


Charles English Guitar
Jonathan Gardner Drums
Samuel James Bass
Freya Malcher Reeds
Ben McQuigg Keys 1/Conductor
Dom Stevens Trumpet
Gem Tunley Keys 2

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