The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society

Mr Grin

Written by Jacob Power, Robbie Smith and Ben Hughes

Showing from 17 May 18 to 19 May 18 in The Annex

Production Team

Jacob Power Director
Ben Hughes Director
Matt Stanley Assistant Director
Jordan Andrews Assistant Director
Eva Wallis Producer
Angharad Jenkins Producer
Jordan Andrews Assistant Producer
Flo Gault Assistant Producer
Gem Tunley Musical Director
Ben McQuigg Musical Director
Kimberly Pearson Choreographer
Robbie Smith Supervising MD
Jacob Power Writer
Ben Hughes Writer
Robbie Smith Writer
Hannah Parsons Technical Liaison


James Adams Multiroler/Ensemble
Sabrina Beever Multiroler/Ensemble
Amber Courage Multiroler/Ensemble
Emma Frazzitta Anne Nutt
James Lister Multiroler/Ensemble
Xafsa Mohamud Jennifer
Ellen O Mahony Blossom Spoom
Sarah Patsalidou Multiroler/Ensemble
Charlie Randall Arthur Pump
Samuel Rowley Joby Creamhorn
Ella Sabine Multiroler/Ensemble
Anand Sankar Multiroler/Ensemble
Hitomi Shibata Multiroler/Ensemble
Darius Timmerman Danny McCoy


Edward Gill Bass/Guitar/Violin
Ben McQuigg Keys/Conductor
Robbie Smith Drums
Gem Tunley Keys/Conductor


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