The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society


Written by Johnathan Larson

Showing from 22 Apr 20 to 25 Apr 20 in The Annex Theatre

Production Team

Will Fieldhouse Director
Millie Edwards Assistant Director
Immy Speck Producer
Freya Mason Assistant Producer
Hannah Maskell Assistant Producer
Kevin Paulraj Assistant Producer
Tiggy Robertson Musical Director
Maciek Shasha Musical Director
Sacha Wood Assistant Musical Director
Annabel Hughes Choreographer
Rhiannon Morgan Assistant Choreographer
Molly Ellis Supervising MD
Kit Grange Technical Director
Ali Treanor Technical Director


Kenny Adegbola Tom Collins
Connie Amos Vendor 2
Holly Barrett Vendor 1
Izzy Black Mimi Marquez
Miles Butler Gordon/Homeless Man
Moddy Ehle Ms Marquez
John Galbraith Mr Jefferson/Pastor
Ellen Goggin Alexi Darling
Rosie Graves Ali
John Hawk The Man/Mr Grey
Oliver Johnson Mark Cohen
Jamie Miller Paul/Squeegee Man
Nommy Mlalazi Joanne Jefferson
Daisy Newman Mrs Cohen
Ed Patience Roger Davis
Thomas Pearson Angel Dumott Schunard
Kisholi Perera-Merry Mrs Davis
Patrick Riley Steve/Restaurant Man
Amy Springett Maureen Johnson
Chloe Taylor Mrs Jefferson
Cydney Waite Brown Blanket Person
Alex Wareham Benjamin Coffin III

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