The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society

24 Hour Miscast Cabaret

Written by Various Writers

Showing from 08 Jun 21 to 09 Jun 21 in The Annex Theatre

Production Team

Chloe Taylor Producer
Cydney Waite Brown Producer
Freya Mason Producer
Patrick Riley Musical Director
John Galbraith Musical Director
Will Fieldhouse Musical Director
Kisholi Perera-Merry Musical Director
Gray Wood Musical Director
J Ainsworth Technical Director
Jonathan Ferguson Technical Director
Holly Barrett Videographer
Izzy Black Videographer
Ellen Goggin Videographer
Emily Rowlands Supervising Technical Director
Susie Clark Organiser
Patrick Riley Organiser


Kenny Adegbola Performer
Lizzy Bajegbo Performer
Holly Barrett Performer
Izzy Black Performer
Joe Chamberlain Performer
Will Fieldhouse Performer
John Galbraith Performer
Daisy Gazzard Performer
Ellen Goggin Performer
Jenny Hadley Performer
Joseph Inglis Performer
Oliver Johnson Performer
Tristan Madeleine Performer
Hannah Maskell Performer
Freya Mason Performer
Beth Mitchell Performer
Amy Moir Performer
Rhiannon Morgan Performer
Joel Parkinson Performer
Kisholi Perera-Merry Performer
Bitsy Pout Performer
Nadia Raza Performer
Patrick Riley Performer
Ally Scanlon Performer
Chloe Taylor Performer
Cydney Waite Brown Performer
Sacha Wood Performer
Gray Wood Performer


James Davis Rehearsal Pianist
Rachel Wells Rehearsal Pianist
Sacha Wood Rehearsal Pianist

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