The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society


Written by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty

Showing from 08 Dec 21 to 11 Dec 21 in The Annex Theatre

Production Team

Adam Wilson Director
Millie Edwards Director
Daisy Gazzard Producer
Bitsy Pout Producer
Jenny Hadley Producer
Holly Barrett Assistant Producer
Alicia Holland Pillado Musical Director
Gray Wood Musical Director
Ellena Potter Choreographer
Nicole Khalil Choreographer
Ellen Goggin Supervising Choreographer


Nikki Banerjee Bird Girl 1
Will Bartlett Horton The Elephant
Tom Bradford Wickersham Brother 2
India Browning Mayzie La Bird
Oliver Cleverly Ensemble
Erin Craddock Bird Girl 3
Natalie Cremer Ensemble
Rhiane Cubita Yertle the Turtle
Niamh Grimes Ensemble
Joshua Hulmes General Schmitz
Mikayla Kellaway Ensemble
Chloe Lane Ensemble
Hermione Lester Baby Kangaroo
Anna MacDonald Grinch
Cerys May The Cat in the Hat
Amy Moir Ensemble
Lizzy Monds Jojo
Michael Rincon Wickersham Brother 1
Issie Roll Mr Mayor
Tom Rolph Wickersham Brother 3
Ellie Saunders Ensemble
Judith Simmonds Mrs Mayor
Amy Smith Bird Girl 2
Rosie Young Gertrude McFuzz
Emily Young The Sour Kangaroo


Sam Dean Drums
Alicia Holland Pillado Conductor
Toby King-Cline Reed 2
Emily Manning Reed 1
Genevieve Namazzi Bass Guitar
James Warner Reed 3
Rachel Wells Keys 2
Gray Wood Keys 1


The Edge

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