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Production Team

Dan Williams Director
Pin Hong Wong Assistant Director
Jenny Hadley Producer
Immy Speck Producer
Orin Cooley-Green Assistant Producer
Ellie Muller Assistant Producer
Freya Mason Assistant Producer
Patrick Riley Musical Director
Rachel Wells Musical Director
Alba Alonso Assistant Musical Director
James Warner Assistant Musical Director
Charlotte Connelly Graphic Designer
Martha Fooks Supervising Director


Tom Bradford Jigger Craigin
India Browning Principal
Joe Chamberlain Billy Bigelow
Meg Davies Ensemble
Will Fieldhouse Enoch Snow
Ellen Goggin Ensemble
Niamh Grimes Ensemble
Alicia Holland Pillado Julie Jordan
Talitha Jones Mrs Mullins
Harry Keight Ensemble
Amelia Kelly-Slogrove Captain
Delina Kras Ensemble
Chloe Lane Ensemble
Keziah Langdon Dr Seldon
Tristan Madeleine Policeman
Freya Mason Ensemble
Amy Moir Ensemble
Joshua Newby The Starkeeper
Ellena Potter Carrie Pipperidge
Issie Roll Nettie Fowler
Tom Rolph David Bascombe
Judith Simmonds Ensemble
Luca Simons Enoch Snow Jnr
Luca Simons Policeman
Amy Smith Sailor
Juliette Taylor Heavenly Friend
Kasia Tyrybon Ensemble
Alexia Van Hecke Ensemble
Cydney Waite Brown Heavenly Friend
Rosie Young Louise Bigelow
Marija Zikeviciute Ensemble

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