The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society

The Craft of the Cooper

Written by Olly Lewis & Alec Sleigh

Showing from 16 Aug 15 to 31 Aug 15 in The Edinburgh Fringe

Production Team

Aimee Batchelor Director
Dan Wills Director
Alice Chappell Producer
Aimee Batchelor Producer
Daniella Gambier Assistant Producer
Thomas Joy Assistant Producer
Robin Johnson Assistant Producer
Johanna Penfold Assistant Producer
Olly Lewis Musical Director


Cerys Beesley Ella
Jon Birkbeck Archibald
Emma Bryant Bettie
Patrick Cahill CJ
Charissa Foster Sonny
Rob McGough Multi-roles Ensemble
Daniel Nguessan-Lopez Hank
Daniel Roberts Multi-roles Ensemble
Jon Sandman Charles
Josephine Ssemuyaba Mamma Mae

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