The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society


Written by Nick Lang, Matt Lang and Brian Holden

Showing from 26 Apr 23 to 29 Apr 23 in The Annex

Production Team

Niamh Grimes Director
Chloe Gleeson Assistant Director
Holly Barrett Producer
Jenny Hadley Producer
Katie Mitchell Assistant Producer
Keira Gilbert Assistant Producer
Iselin Fraser Assistant Producer
Alice Rouse Assistant Producer
Amy Bundy Assistant Producer
Charlotte Whysall Musical Director
James Warner Musical Director
Sarah Kallos Assistant Musical Director
Cerys May Choreographer
Belle Priestley Assistant Choreographer


Kenny Adegbola Clark
Will Bartlett Ducker
Erin Craddock Zazzalil
Emily Holland Claire
Dominic Leach Molag
Hermione Lester Kid 1
Rhiannon Morgan Emberly
Tom O'Brien Schwoopsie
Ellena Potter Kid 2
Issie Roll Jemilla
Tom Rolph Smelly Balls
Isabel Scott Chorn
Amy Smith Nicolai
James Taylor Grunt
Destiny Thomas Keeri
Emily Young Tiblyn

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