The Southampton University Musical Theatre Society

The SpongeBob Musical

Written by Kyle Jarrow

Showing from 13 Dec 23 to 16 Dec 23 in The Annex

Production Team

Tom O'Brien Director
Isabel Scott Director
Alice Rouse Producer
Amy Bundy Producer
Sophie Green Producer
Katie Mitchell Producer
Keira Gilbert Producer
Izzy Warren Assistant Producer
Kit Colville Assistant Producer
Cerys May Musical Director
Sophie Le Duc Musical Director
Belle Priestley Choreographer
Destiny Thomas Choreographer


Alexia Ambekar Sardine
Mac Benson-Turnbull Patchy
Kiera Bonetta Karen
Rosana Cano Grant Electric Skate / Old Man Jenkins
Dennis Hughes Larry the Lobster
Rosa Johnson Mrs Puff
Sasha Kavanagh Electric Skate
Suzie Knock Sardine / Electric Skate
Miko Lisiak Plankton
Imogen Norman Mayor
Lily Ong Squidward
Naomi Park Sandy
Izzy Saunders Sardine
Nora Shields Spongebob
Poppy Smith Gary
James Stark Mr Krabs
Yueying Tang Ensemble
Amelia Thurgood Pearl
Toby Walden Patrick Star
Daisy Wallace Perch

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